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Here at Richard, we all know the importance of the negative to every photographer. It is the data, the score, and the information source for all of your imagery. We are the premiere lab for film processing, using only the most sophisticated Dip & Dunk technology to ensure the highest caliber of development. Richard guarantees quality and consistency by running routine daily checks on temperature, PH, and color balance, as well as using de-ionized water and managing a professional chemical replenishment system.

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Film Developing Price Guide

Film Developing Prices
Film Size C41 Black & White E6
135 $9.49 $9.49 $21.99
120 $9.49 $9.49 $17.99
220 $13.49 $13.49 $21.99
110 $9.49 $9.49 $17.99
4x5 $5.49 $5.49
8x10 $7.49 $10.49
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