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About Richard Photo Lab

Let’s develop a relationship! As Los Angeles’ quality-obsessed film lab, Richard sweats the details of each and every frame (just like you do), providing every photographer with premium processing & scanning services.

Since 1970, Richard has been dedicated to the analog art of film—because we aren't just your film lab, we're your film partners. Because first-rate quality and ultra-fast service don't need to be mutually exclusive. Because film education isn't just our duty, it's our passion. Because your success is our success. And at Richard, every frame counts!

Our Team

Sir Richard Commander-In-Chief

Richard grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. His dad built race cars. His mom was a test pilot. From these humble beginnings, Richard learned the value of making things awesome. Richard fell in love with a girl and followed her to Hollywood. She introduced him to photography. Richard loved to develop her pictures. His love was infectious—and people came from all over to work with Richard. Once, the King of Astoria came to have Richard develop pictures of his pet cockatoo Edward. Upon receiving the developed pictures, the King dubbed Richard—Sir Richard. And so it stands today.

Richard is the first man here. He’s the last one to leave. If there’s a problem, he has an answer. If there’s an answer, he has a better one. Richard makes quality photography with love, and best of all, he’s here to help you.

Brian, Owner
Bill, General Manager
Raemee, Customer Service Manager
Jersson, IT Manager
Colleen, Creative/Marketing Manager
Courtney, Customer Service
Monique, Customer Service
Roxy, Customer Service
Becky, Production
Ana, Production
Virginia, Scanner
Sam, Processor
Adriana, Production
Carlos, Production
Michele, Production
Martin, Scanner
Stacy, Production
Michael, Scanner
Steven, Production
Irone, IT
Martha, Project Coordinator
Jennifer, Accounting
Simona, Accounting

"Even before I had my own Color PAC, I knew that I could call the lab and ask questions, trouble shoot, and get advice. You guys helped me develop my signature style, and creating a Color PAC just solidified it." — Sandra Coan

"You guys are just the best. You have NEVER failed me, even when I know I've screwed up a roll, somehow it comes back to me looking like a million bucks... Your customer service is perfect... it's all just amazing." — Lexia Frank

"Find the lab that makes you shine, and on top of that, the one that makes you feel good and look good. Richard Photo Lab is that for me; believe me, I've done the testing!" — Jose Villa

"Great service, beautiful scans! Sending my film to Richard cuts my post process time to almost zero. There have been a few times we needed overnight rush service, and Richard delivered every time. We love you, Richard Photo Lab!" — Koby Brown Photography

"Richard is an extension of my business... I know that I can count on the team to support my business, and they truly go above and beyond. In order to deliver for my clients time and time again, I need a lab that supports my business." — KT Merry

"Richard's scans hit 100x harder than any other lab out there. Best photo lab around by a long shot." — David Powers

"Working with a skillful lab is essential to having amazing film images, and that is why I love Richard Photo Lab. From their quality of work to their communication, they are eager to help in any way they can." — Jennifer Lawrence

"Consistency, consistency, consistency are the three words that come to mind when I reflect on the last year since I have switched to Richard Photo Lab. I believe the strongest traits in a lab are consistency and stellar customer service..." — Heather Nan

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Feel free to call or drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Address 21515 Centre Pointe Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Phone (661) 200-5300
Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, Production almost 24/7