Richard Photo Lab

Film Turnaround Times

The current average turnaround time for processing & scanning is:

Noritsu 4 business days
Frontier 6 business days

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Richard estimate the average turnaround time?

We calculate the average number of days it took us to complete an order the previous week. This is done by adding up the total number of days it took to complete each order, and dividing it by the total number of orders.

For example, if 50 orders were completed in 1 day, 30 orders in 3 days, and 20 orders in 5 days, then the average is (50 days + 90 days + 100 days) ÷ 100 orders = 2.4 days.

Will the turnaround time of my order be different than the average?

It could be, because there are a lot of different variables that influence how close the completion time of your order is to the average turnaround time. They include:

  • The number of rolls you send—high roll counts take longer to complete.
  • The quality/consistency of your exposures—film that needs extra love and attention from our scanners to achieve the best results will take longer.
  • The size of your scans—large scans take a bit longer to produce and go through our quality assurance checks, especially for black & white film.
  • Special requests—things like roll numbering, toy cameras, cross processing, pushes/pulls, and applying a color profile you built with us through the Color PAC process can all add to your turnaround time.
  • Your shipping method—the earlier in the day your film gets to the lab, the faster we can get it into production. Film received later in the day may not be processed until the next business day. We recommend Priority Shipping with FedEx.

Turnaround times stated in your order confirmation email are the times we typically expect most scans will be delivered, regardless of other variables like those listed above. Though never anticipated, we will do our best to contact you if special circumstances occur that affect this time.