Worldwide Lab: Richard’s Benefits for International Clients

Even though Richard is a small company, homegrown in Southern California, we process and develop film from all over the world! Orders come to us everyday from Canada, Australia, all over Europe and Asia, even South Africa...

So, why exactly would a photog want to send their film halfway around the world? Richard has some rad benefits for our international clients:

  1. We will hold your negatives for a year, for FREE! So, instead of sending back your negatives for every order, racking up $40-50 shipping fees every single time, you’ll pay just one shipping fee, once a year.
  2. Since we have your negatives on file, it’s easier and faster for you to order rescans when you need them.
  3. We appreciate that you send us film from all around the world, and we understand that you might spend a good amount of money on shipping your film to us… that’s why each shipment including an international order over $300 gets $25 off. Hopefully, that should cover your shipping cost (and maybe a candy bar, too, because… chocolate).
  4. We have been doing this for 40+ years, and our experienced team of experts is the best of the best. Top photographers around the world trust us with their film, and that is something truly special.
  5. We are a one-stop shop. Discounted proof prints with your film services? No problem! Retouching your digital files? No problem! And, make them all match your style… No problem!

Okay, okay, it’s one thing for us to tell you why Richard rocks for international photogs, but its quite another to hear it straight from our international clients! Here’s the worldwide word:

Greg Finck, France

“There is no proposition on the French market (so far) for good professionals labs. The demand is so low that the few labs there are are very expensive (around $30 to process a roll), and the quality is not consistent.

Richard Photo Lab is the biggest name to me in the industry. I heard of them through the photos of Jose Villa, KT Merry or Tec Petaja... I tested Richard with a first batch of film and could never go back. They deliver uncompromised quality and amazing customer service, and that’s all I need for my business. I have access to a cheaper lab in Europe, but I have not been convinced by the quality and service so far.

A very important thing that Richard is offering is the prints that come with my scans. What’s more, having a lab in the States helps me in developing awareness in the US, and establishing me as a brand there; I’ve met a lot of wedding vendors and high-end photographers through my relationship with Richard, and it has definitely opened new business opportunities.”

Seth Mourra - Feather and Stone Photography, Africa

"We shoot for couples all over the world… We have to deliver the best to our clients, so we need a team that we can trust. Richard has the experience and systems in place; we sleep well knowing that our work is in experienced hands. Richard is a recognizable name, and as some of our clients are photographers themselves--it puts them at ease knowing that our work is going to some of the best in the industry."

Jemma Keech, Australia

“Very simply, I love Richard’s scans. I love the colours and tones they produce and also the quality and crispness. For me, it comes down to the end product, and I don't feel like there are any labs in my country that produce the beautiful scans Richard does. As both vendors & clients are becoming more aware of film shooters, lab names, and even film stocks, the Richard reputation also instills confidence.”

Johnny Patience, Ireland

"I use Richard because the quality of their results is unparalleled. There is no other lab on the face of the earth that is capable of delivering anything comparable to their results. I'm quality obsessed in regards to my workflow, and I believe that the results they deliver are a tremendously important factor. I also value the relationship (and friendship) and trust that has been built over working together so closely with Richard.”

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