Ultra-Fast Film Turnarounds

They’re baaaaaaack…

Yup, lightning-fast film turnaround speeds are at Richard again! Richard already has quick turnaround times year-round, but winter/early spring is that magical time of year when Richard’s super-efficient workflow and our passion for film perfectly aligns with photographers slowing their roll (wink) in the off-season—and it allows Richard to be ultra-quick at processing & scanning.

Nearly all of our orders are getting through the lab in just one day, so make sure your order is on the fast track with these seven get-it-quick steps:

Use Richard's Online Film Ordering

Your job will be finished faster when you use Richard’s Online Film Ordering to place your film order. Why? The packing slip you include with your film has a slick lil’ bar code on it that helps move your film through the lab quicker!

Choose the Noritsu Scanner

Noritsu scans are always faster than Frontier scans because it’s a newer, more sophisticated machine—and it also happens to have higher pixel dimensions and a better scan structure for large printing.

Order Small or Medium Scans

Small and medium scans are completed more quickly than large scans—the time to scan each frame and upload it to our server makes a difference. And when it comes to black & white film, large scans take even longer to remove dust & scratches from.

Avoid Special Instructions (If You Can!)

Roll coding, toy cameras, cross processing, pushes/pulls, E6 film, we can handle all of it! You won’t always have the choice to forgo these special measures, but they do require some extra elbow grease, and that may take a little more time.

Ship Your Film Priority with FedEx

The faster the film arrives at Richard, the faster we can get working on it! Our day starts at 8am, but some carriers won’t deliver until late afternoon. Luckily, FedEx consistently delivers to us in the morning, so we won’t lose a whole day while your film cruises around town with the mailman.

Trust the Lab’s Eyes

At Richard, you have the option of either letting our scanning technicians use their keen eye to make your images look awesome, or you can ask to have a color profile applied. A color profile is a specific “blueprint” as to how your film scans should look—they are an incredible tool for getting scans that look like you want them to with little to no post-production work.

If you request to apply a pre-existing color profile (see a list of some options here), your order may only be slightly slower, if at all. But, if you are using your own color profile that you built with Richard during the Color PAC process, your order could take longer—this is because the specifications and subsequent procedures (including extensive quality control) to achieve your custom look are so thorough, it takes a little extra TLC to make sure that the final product is juuuuuust right. And we’re not about to cut corners when it comes to your film!

Shoot for Quality and Consistency

Some orders just don’t make the cut in our Quality Control process, and a job needs to be rescanned. This can add time, especially when there’s a large roll count where consistency needs to be maintained through tons of images. If we had to choose between sending you decent scans in 18 hours and perfect scans in 32 hours… we’d choose the latter!

But, you can help make sure your scans don’t get stuck in QC by keeping your shooting style consistent (from your camera settings to film types used to how you hold your camera), using tools like a light meter to get the best exposure, making sure all your gear is in tip-top shape, and being conscious of changing lighting/environmental conditions while shooting. (Psst... this also happens to be one of the ways the industry’s best photogs keep their consistent “style” from shoot to shoot!)

One-day turnaround season won’t last forever, so don’t wait! Pack up those mystery rolls you’ve been saving in a drawer, go shoot those test rolls, grab some old family negatives from decades ago, or just do your usual shooting thaaang and get your images back faster than ever.

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