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Richard Photo Lab’s Matte Scale for Photographic Prints

Professional quality matte photo papers are awesome! They have a high-end feel, they make skin tones look epic, and they’re a little bit silky to the touch. But, have you ever noticed that from print lab to print lab, and from brand to brand, the definition of “matte” is different? The problem with the term “matte” is that it is a totally subjective and relative term.

Richard Photo Lab changed the photographic print service game in the industry by offering your choice of brands for matte paper. Why? Because providing a customized experience where photogs get to choose exactly what fits their needs is what we do! #alldayeveryday

But, these additional choices can also further complicate a photographer’s notion of what it means to call something glossy, matte, or lustre.

So, Richard has created our very own rating scale, so you know just how matte “matte” really is!

Richard Photo Lab’s Matte Rating Scale

The most notable ratings on this scale are between Kodak and Fuji matte papers. Kodak matte provides what Richard would describe as a "flat gloss" appearance, while Fuji matte has a finish that's pretty much shine-free.

Notice that our pearl paper is missing from the scale? That's because the "iridescent" nature of this paper puts it in a different world when it comes to describing the finish. It's not really necessary to rate their matte-factor; this paper is absolutely 100% glossy, no doubt about it!

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