Richard is Headed to Photo Native

Image by Jen Huang, Photo Native Keynote Speaker

At Photo Native, you'll discover how to level-up your business, be the creative powerhouse we know you are, and join an incredible community of artists for the inspiration and growth you're looking for. It's three days of learning, socializing and networking with some of the most inspiring people in the industry, as well as optional master-class-level shoots and business boosts designed to push and strengthen your creative and business skill set.

So, Richard is bringing our VW van out to Palm Springs to be your personal photo stop at Photo Native! Geek out on all-things photography with us, and get discounted NEXT-DAY processing, scanning, and printing of your film (that’s right, see your film images the very next day):

  • Process Only: $5 per roll
  • Process + Scan: $12 per roll
  • Process + Scan + Proof Prints: $14 per roll

Photo prints of your film images are sponsored by our friends at Kodak Alaris and will be printed on their premium matte paper.

We'll also be bringing our collection of film cameras you can RENT FOR FREE (first come, first serve), whether you're a film newbie or an analog expert...

For beginners:

  • Canon EOS elan 7n
  • Mamiya 6x4.5
  • Canon EOS 1
  • Nikon F5

For intermediate film shooters:

  • Canon EOS 1n
  • Nikon F100
  • Nikon F100

For pro film shooters:

  • Contax 6x4.5
  • Hasselbland 501 6x6
  • Canon EOS 1V
  • Nikon F6

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