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FUJIFILM 400H, 35mm and 120

This is great all-purpose color film because it works well in a variety of lighting situations. It loves light and looks best when shot between box speed and 2+ stops overexposed. With amazing highlight and color retention, this film performs well overexposed. Known for its faithful reproduction of colors, this film tends to have no color shift and a very neutral representation of colors. Greens might lean toward blue-green.

KODAK PORTRA 400, 35mm and 120

Another great all-purpose color film that works well in a variety of lighting situations. Known for how amazingly it renders skin tones, this film does tend to appear “warmer” compared to other film manufacturers. Richard recommends rating this between box speed and +1 for best results. We do not recommend under/overexposing this film more than one stop. Greens might lean toward yellow-green.

KODAK PORTRA 800, 35mm and 120

Portra 800 has great exposure latitude, so this color film is ideal for low light situations. It performs well at 800 or even 1600, but Richard recommends that it actually looks best rated one stop overexposed at ISO 400. As with other Kodak films, this film tends to have a warmer base which results in beautiful skin tones and rich colors.

KODAK PORTRA 160, 35mm and 120

Portra 160 has a very fine grain and, in usual Kodak fashion, a warmer base that makes it excellent for portraiture. It is one of the most flexible color films, providing great-looking (albeit different) results at almost any exposure setting. Richard recommends scanning this film on the Noritsu scanner.

EKTAR 100, 35mm and 120

Ektar 100 has some of the finest grain available in color film. It displays extremely vivid colors, and they only become more saturated the more you overexpose. A great choice for outdoor photography! Richard recommends scanning this film on the Noritsu scanner.

EKTACHROME 100, 35mm

Ektachrome is a color reversal film, also known as slide film. Kodak recently brought this film back into production, and Richard couldn't be happier! It provides rich, vivid colors without a strong grain. As with any E6 film, Ektachrome does not have much exposure latitude, so always use a light meter when shooting it! Learn more about the new Ektachrome here.

TRI-X 400, 35mm and 120

This film has brilliant highlights and can handle dimly-lit situations quite well. It has an excellent exposure latitude out of all the professional-grade black & white stocks available, though the most even tones are still found at box speed. It features a fine grain and excellent sharpness, making it a great choice for images that need enlarging for display.


T-MAX P3200, 35mm

This black & white film is designed to be used as a “multi-speed film”, perfroming well in low-light and fast-action scenarios. It has a lot of grain as compared to TRI-X. The “P” in P3200 stands for “push” because it was intended to be pushed in processing (ie, developed longer) when shot at 3200. Richard recommends shooting it at normal exposure or +1 when rated at 3200. Learn more about T-MAX here.

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