Full Frame or Cropped Film Proof Prints

Do you order proof prints with your film processing & scanning? Of course you do, because you know how important it is to print your work, and you know that buying proof prints at the time of process & scanning is discounted at Richard! Well, we're making a big change to our proof prints to give you even more customization when you #printwithrichard...

You see, film frames come in varying dimensions and so do our prints. So when you ordered proof prints with your film services in the past, Richard cropped your images to fit within your chosen print size and border type (also because the smidgeon of OCD in Richard that drives our quality-obsessed nature wanted the borders on all sides to be equal). But cropping your original framing, whether slightly or significantly, can seriously alter the appearance of your photo.

So, we're giving you the power to choose! You can now select between "Full Frame" or "Cropped" when ordering proof prints with your film processing & scanning.

Below is a rough representation of how typical film sizes translate into Richard's new proof print options. Want to keep your entire image intact? Choose the "Full Frame" option with a 1/4" or 1/2" border!

Want a full bleed proof print or borders that are uniform all the way around? Choose the "Cropped" option! The below chart shows approximately how much of your film scan will be cropped and the best print size for achieving the least amount of image loss.

Just look for the new option when you start your film order online with Richard after selecting a proof print border size of 1/4" or 1/2":

*Note: If "None" (full bleed) is selected, the option will not appear—all full bleed images must be cropped.

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