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What's In Your Film Camera Bag, Jai Long?

Curious about what professional film photographers keep in their film camera bags? We are, too! So Richard Photo Lab is asking the pros to unpack all the gear that makes their film photography "click".

Check out what's inside this camera bag belonging to Jai Long of Free the Bird Photography, from his top three cameras and his essential location-scouting tool, to his must-haves for destination shoots...

Jai Long’s Film Camera Bag Contents

First up, my bag. It is a Langly bag and I always take it traveling, mainly because it is water resistant and hard wearing, plus it keeps all my gear safe on my back. I like to keep all my cameras on me when I travel and I don't like to check any bags that have items of value, because we all know how terrible the airlines are with bags...

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Jai Long’s Pentax 67ii Medium Format 120 Film Camera

I travel with three film cameras. First one of the ranks is the big, bad-ass, medium format Pentax 67ii. This guy is not light and really shouldn't be considered a travel camera. Nevertheless, the image quality is that good, I can't take the thing out of my camera bag.

I just have the one lens for the Pentax camera body, a 105mm, but I really want to save my pennies and get some wider angle lenses for it.

My Leica M3 35mm film camera is also not that great to travel with because it has no light meter. I am pretty good with determining exposure for film stock these days, so it isn't a problem for me personally. The Leica is a high quality, hard-wearing camera (made from solid brass) and the picture quality is second to none. I love this thing to bits.

Jai Long’s Leica M3 Film Camera

Last film camera is the Olympus MJU-II point and shoot. It’s an ultra compact and ultra sharp 35mm camera. I chose this point-and-shoot camera for my travels because it has a slightly wider lens then most point and shoots. Almost all my travel photography is shot on a point and shoot and it is because it's easy to shoot and even easier to edit the images.

I always travel with my Canon 5D MKiii SLR cameras, too, because they are my main work horses for weddings. Pair these weapons with some nice Sigma Art lenses and you have a match made in heaven.

I also have a DJI Mavic Pro drone that I just love! It makes it easy to scout locations for wedding portraits, you don't even have to get out of your car! Just fly the drone around and take a few test snaps and BOOM. It is also great for some establishing shots of the locations I go to for weddings.

Jai Long’s Film Developing Gear

Film stock! I usually travel with 400 ISO rolls of film to make metering easy for me. Kodak TX400 is my favorite black & white film and Kodak Portra 160 pushed to 400 is my favorite color negative film.

I also have a handful of spare batteries, chargers, iPhone chargers, international power adapters, and memory cards. Helps keep the whole process running when I'm on the go!

A little tip for gear: I recently bought an SSD hard drive for travel and it is a game changer. Much smaller, much faster, and more robust compared to any other hard drive on the market. We all know how important a good hard drive is!!!

My laptop is the Apple Macbook. It is super small and runs Lightroom and Photoshop without a hitch. I beefed up the specs as well to keep it running fast.

I chose this little weapon because I can use it on the plane with no problems. It helps me be productive and gets the job done. (I hope Apple sends me a check for this endorsement).

Thanks for checking out my gear!