Behind The Print: Elegant Packaging Inspiration

"It's what's on the inside that counts." The ol' adage may have good intentions, but when it comes to the presentation of your photos, it's dead wrong. Every interaction with your clients, right down to their fingertips wrapping around a freshly-delivered package of prints, is a chance to make a lasting impression—an impression that invites them to work with you again. Which makes what you put on the outside just as important as what you put on the inside.

Need a little inspiration? Using Richard's elegant packaging in ROES and some simple customization (either DIY or here at the lab), you've got the perfect finishing touches to make every deilvery a special one.


Pair a kraft box with a sprig of something special and a handwritten thank you to give a simple, personal touch that feels au naturel.


Give 'em the old razzle dazzle! Use bright, monotone hues (like coral) on the outside to make dark and moody images pop once they lift the lid.


A little drama never hurt anybody... a lustre black box tied with Richard's twine is an impressive, professional base for almost any brand style. Try stamps on the inside (or outside) of print boxes to further stylize your packaging!


Ribbon, anyone? Adding a custom tie is an easy way to transform our rich cocoa boxes... Add a poetic quote to spark some extra passion.


Bring on the whimsy using misty turquoise boxes packed with confetti and confections (yummy!) alongside your prints. 

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