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5 Ways to Turn Your Photo Album Into a Fine Art Masterpiece

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So, you’re a fine art photographer. But you’re not just capturing memories, you’re creating art with a keen eye for beauty, meaning, and timelessness. The artistry doesn’t end with the click of your camera, though!

Delivering a professional quality printed keepsake for your clients is a great way to keep them buying after their shoot is over, but it also needs to preserve the high-end feel of your imagery.

How do you turn a regular ol’ album of film and digital photos into a fine art masterpiece? Stick with Richard Photo Lab for our five “fine-art-ifying” tips!

1. Curate a Collection

Your album is like a gallery or museum in which you are curating a photography show. Be discerning when selecting your images. Create a cohesive “flow” through the pages of your album by strategically ordering images. Be sure to consider visual elements like color, value, texture, composition, etc. instead of just chronology.

2. Preserve Negative Space

If your album is the gallery for your photography show, then its pages are the blank white walls. You wouldn’t crowd 50 photos on the same wall because each piece of art needs to be able to be appreciated on its own, in addition to being part of a whole. The same goes for your album! Use negative space to highlight your images.

Negative pace showcases each quality print

3. Look AND Feel the Part

It’s not enough for your album to look luxurious… it has to feel that way, too! Feed your sense of touch with textures and finishes that fingers can’t help but admire.

4. Give Attention to Artisanship

Fine art is distinctly cognizant of the finer details—pro calligraphers personalizing your pages, master ribbon-makers elevating your packaging, or the highest quality photo printing labs providing impeccable prints on professional photo papers.

5. Leave Your Signature

Like any great fine artist, sign your work! You can bank on your fine-art-photographer branding to easily make your album feel like a high-end, exclusive piece of art.

Bonus Tip: Our album prints are produced right here at the lab. This allows Richard’s print service experts to tightly manage color calibration on our top-notch photographic printers.

Oh yeah, did we mention there’s also free shipping of your prints directly to your album maker for mounting and binding? Just enter their shipping address at checkout in ROES. #WorkflowWin

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