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5 Career-Defining Photos: Shauntelle Sposto

In every photographer's career, there are defining moments. The moments that inspire an evolution in their art. The moments that open new opportunities for their business. The moments that remind them of where they have been and where they are going.

In this blog series, Richard Photo Lab asks film photographers to share the stories behind five frames throughout their career that most embody these instances. Today, photographer Shauntelle Sposto runs the gamut from invitation suites to celebrity weddings to her Italian heritage.

Wedding Invitation in Long Beach, California, 2018

This invitation may seem like a simple photo that photographers take at the beginning of a wedding day. But believe it or not, apart from being one of our most shared images on Instagram and in publication, styling images like these has led me to many commercial jobs within and outside the wedding industry.

Detail work is something I teach on and get a lot of questions about. Styling paper goods and wedding details has defined the Sposto Photography brand and brought an elevated level of service to my craft. And in this industry, no opportunity to show the value in your work is too small!

Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss Wedding, 2018

This image was shot in Los Angeles for NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz and her husband Brad Hoss, and it landed us a People Magzine exclusive. Stephanie and Brad were a dream to work with and this incredible celebrity wedding not only taught me a lot about working with publications who require exclusive turnaround times (less than 24 hours!), but also how to work alongside publicists and television industry folk.

Castillo Ramazzano in Umbria, Italy

Breaking into the luxury destination wedding market, specifically in Italy, was always a dream of mine since I started my business in 2004. Since I, myself, hail from a rich Italian family heritage, it’s been a destination very close to my heart.

This shot, taken in Ramazzano, Umbria, about 30 minutes from my family home, was extra special because it was the first of many images that paved the way to booking real weddings in Italy, which is now a regular service we offer.

Clay and Mike’s Wedding in Palm Springs, California, 2018

Telling love stories and sharing in the most beautiful and meaningful day in people’s lives is life-giving for me. Shooting LBGTQ weddings is a tremendous honor.

Clay and Mike are not only the most loving, caring, genuine couple you’ll meet, but their beautiful wedding and love story was a feast for any photographer. Their love story was featured not only in the Regional print issue of The Knot Magazine but in the National print issue as well, along with a published book! It’s a story that never will grow old and as weddings diversify, my hope is to always give weddings like these a huge platform to share with the world. Love is love.

Kestrel Park, Editorial and Mentoring 1:1, 2017

The concept for this editorial was initially a request to showcase a new venue (at the time) and partner with other industry professionals to create some beautiful content. It turned into much, much more. From the model choices, to the teaching moments with my student, this shoot was not only career defining but posed many challenges that sharpened my skills as a photographer, a teacher, and an art director. This learning experience forever made me a better business owner.