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4 Reasons to Transition from Disposable Cameras to Point & Shoot

Disposable cameras are beloved, in part, because they're a convenient & casual way to get all the nostalgia of shooting film regardless of skill level. But if you've ever wondered if there's an alternative to this user-friendly gear, look no further than a point & shoot camera!

Here's four reasons to make the swap:


You can find find affordable point & shoot cameras on Ebay, Goodwill, at your local camera shop, even from Richard. They're a great first step into the world of reusable cameras!

Disposable Camera

Reusable Cameras in a Snap...

More Control

Using a point & click camera gives you choices you just don't have with a disposable camera. You can choose practically any type of film you want with a resusbale camera, but with a disposable camera you are very limited in the types of pre-loaded film you can get. Point & shoots also allow you to decide if and when to use flash.

More Exposures

Disposable cameras typically come with 24 exposures in a roll. But you can choose a roll with 36 exposures to load into your point & shoot! What would you do with six extra frames?

Disposable Camera

Disposable Cameras Delivered

Environmentally Friendlier

Reusable cameras are... REUSABLE! But the body of your disposable camera will be... disposed of. You get it. A point & shoot camera will have less waste!

Whether you shoot a disposable camera or point & shoot, Richard is ready to expertly develop your film. With over 50 years of experience, we'll be sure to make every frame count!