Obama Photo Essay

obama_youth_01photos by Lisa Jack

We are working on very special show right now. Lisa Jack was Barack Obama’s college friend at Occidental. Recently she found a roll of film that she had shot of Obama while in college. She waited to release the images to the public until after the elections so as not to cause any political stir. Some of the photos were then published earlier this year in Time Magazine’s 2008 Person Of The Year issue, and in Paris Match (similar to Time Mag in France):


The whole roll of film has now been brought to us to prepare it for the first formal exhibit of these black and white images at M+B Fine Art here in Hollywood. The exhibit will be on display from May 28 – July 18, with an opening reception on May 28 from 6-9pm. Rumor has it that Obama will be attending the opening… I just hope they don’t close Melrose for the motorcade to come through, or at least not at 2pm when we make our emergency coffee run!

Read more about this here.

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