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WPPI Preparations!

Friday, February 26th, 2010

We’re feverishly working on all the details of putting the booth together for the annual WPPI Convention in Las Vegas next weekend. This year we’re teaming with Cypress Albums- we’ll be sharing the same booth and  it’s sure to be a great one!  Here’s Bill reviewing the final touches on our  4 feet wide centerpiece shot by Jose Villa. If you’re in town for the event come check out the Richard Photo Lab/Cypress Albums booth and see what’s new with us. Can’t wait to see you there!

Getting ready for the final print

Party Recap!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came out to our party last Thursday to check out our new place! We got great feedback from everyone who attended and it seemed as though everyone was having a great time checking out our new place. Guests got a full tour of the lab- from the spiffy new foyer (decked with prints from the likes of Henry Diltz and Lauren Dukoff to Jose Villa and Autumn de Wilde) to the production rooms in the back where all the magic happens! Fuji and the guys were on hand to display their cool new toys and gave away free film and processing at RPL! (what’s better than free film and processing?) Cypress Albums also made an appearance with a table display of some of their album samples. Great turnout, great food and a great group of friends- a success at RPL!

Party at the new RPL!

Party at the new RPL!

Guests check out the foyer and the new photos

Guests check out the foyer and the new photos


RPL + = Perfect

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

I am so excited to announce a partnership with Instaproofs!

Click here!

There are so many choices for online services, but I think Instaproofs is a step above the rest.  It’s a fair price for a great service with no annoying strings attached.  Its just well thought out, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.   And now if you use both Richard Photo Lab and Instaproofs, you get a discount!

RPL clients, just enter “RICHARDPHOTOLAB” into the promo code section of the sign up and Instaproofs will hook you up with a 10% discount off of the print order fee.

More info here!

Instaproofs clients just need to let us know when you place your first order and we will give you a 10% discount off of everything we do, all the time, every order!!

The bottom line is that its not overpriced, over designed or too intrusive.  Instaproofs wants to give you a great service, plain and simple.  They are NOT trying to capture your clients, convert them to their own so they can send offers without you controlling it (you know who does that, right??).

Together we feel that we can offer services unlike any available out there. We have several projects in the works now, so stay tuned for cool updates!

Grand Opening Party Feb 18th and Lots of Updates!!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

We are in our new home and so much is going on! With our new space comes a Grand Opening party, the consolidation of companies and expansion of services!!

First off, Imagexperts has merged with RPL. Imagexperts became well known as they worked hard for more than 20 years right on the Hollywood Blvd walk of fame. With a very similar client base of pro photogs, headshot shooters and commercial work, it made a lot of sense when Jane and Zaid were ready to move on to new ventures, that we would be asked to take care of the employees and clients.

Next, RPL needed a new home because our lease was fast approaching its end. The old building already had plans for a complete remodel and the landlord was excited to make our space into four retail stores! Since we needed a bigger building anyway, it was a no brainer to get out there and find a better space. This brought me to talk to SuperColor. The connection is that RPL (formerly owed by Richard K) and SuperColor (formally owned by Richards brother in law!) were all in the same building together about 15 years ago. In fact, Joe Buissink used to work at the SuperColor customer service counter before he was “Joe Buissink, world famous celebrity wedding photographer”….. But that’s a story for a different day!!! Anyway, SC was thinking about going to a smaller facility because their clients, which are all Movie Industry and Studios, have gone mostly digital, so they didn’t need such a big building, just a really big file server!! So one thing leads to another and now RPL is servicing the Movie Industry!

The Movie Industry services are similar to the stuff we already do, with the biggest difference being its all high security. We now operate a web site based system called Ivia that hosts movie stills and has images posted to it while the movie is in production. For instance, when “Twilight” was being filmed, the production photographer would send RAW files over almost every day. We would color correct, convert to tiff & jpeg, rename, set up an archive, post online, and then keep track of the whole shoot. Later, different people from the studio would request retouching, prints or files to be sent all over the place. Other projects include “Kill Bill 1 & 2”, “Lord Of The Rings”, “Austin Powers” and more recently the Weinstein release of “Nine”. We are now also working with archives specific to the Movie Industry along with other photo related projects.

Finally, we are in high gear for the planning of our Open House / Grand Opening Party. I am excited to see several of the companies that we work closely with getting involved like, Fuji, and Photographic Rental Service. There might be more, but you will have to stop by and see for yourself! So mark Feb 18th on your calendar and come see us!

Our New Sign!

Our New Sign!