The unique look of film can only be achieved by professional processing and it is our promise to deliver just that to you—every time. For over 10 years, we have made a name for ourselves as the premier lab around the world for film processing and scanning. Shooting film is a process that has its positives and negatives (wink wink), and Richard has your back every step of the way.

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• Never have issues with your order due to “penmanship deciphering mishaps” (it’s okay, you don’t have to have nice handwriting, you’re a photographer!)

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A few years ago, in a small town called Hollywood, Richard wanted to be online 24/7 and available to anyone around the world—our solution to this was ROES, or Remote Order Entry System. On ROES, we offer tons of different products at great prices, quick turnaround times, and free shipping! Woot woot! From proof prints to books, from canvas to frames, we’ve got you covered all day, everyday—all online.

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Color PAC

Richard offers a premium service to professional film and hybrid photogs who want to take their business and brand to the #nextlevel. We’ve dubbed this the Richard Color PAC (or, Personal Account Consultation). It consists of two major components: a customized color profile and in-depth personal business consulting.

Truth is, Richard is the godfather of Color Profiling—something that originated from wanting to help photographers feel confident that their brand was 1) preserved by their lab and 2) the output was always consistent. Having a color profile, as it is known by photogs and other photo labs today, is rooted in these two ideas—but Richard knows that it takes much more than just consistent color output for photographers to succeed in this formidable industry.

So, if you are a photographer who wants to grow your business, gain invaluable industry expertise, and ensure consistent image output with a personal color profile, a Richard Color PAC may be the perfect fit! Contact Richard to get started.

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Digital Post

Need a hand when it comes to post-production work? You’re not the only one! Sometimes, your images just need a little extra finesse, and you turn to your computer for help.

OR, you can turn to Richard! Yup, we can take care of your digital post-production work, no problem-o. Use digital processing services for an overall correction to your imagery (priced per image) or choose retouching services for targeted manipulation of your photos (priced hourly).

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You know your photos are stunning, but now you need to present them in a way that lives up to your images. No problem! Your prints will always be dressed for the occasion with our elegant packaging and custom packaging. 10 colors and three different tie options available.

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Drop Shipping

Psst... Richard will keep your secret safe! Sometimes you need photo products shipped directly to a client, but you're the one doing the billing. No problem! With drop shipping, we can ship your order unbranded and invoice-free. Just select the drop ship method in the Shipping Options window during checkout on ROES.