January 10, 2017

Yeah Field Trip 2017

Let's truly embrace the idea of "New Year, New You"! Invest in yourself and spend four soul-inspiring days recharging your creativity at Yeah Field Trip 2017. It’s a magical land of learning, collaboration, and love (think summer camp meets art school meets Woodstock wrapped in a giant hug)—and that's why Richard can’t wait to be there.


We're bringing our VW van out to El Capitan Canyon this February to be your personal photo stop! Join Richard to:

  • geek out on all things photography with Albany, one of the superstars from Richard's crew
  • get NEXT-DAY processing, scanning, and printing of your film (that’s right, see your film images the very next day)
  • chow down while you get down at the Field Trip dance party, because Richard's bringing pizza!!!

Jai Long of Free the Bird Photography teaching at Yeah Field Trip 2016

Ready to dust off your film camera, load up on some film, and get your creative juices a-flow-in? You can even save $100 dollars on your ticket right now just for being pals with Richard.

See you in the Canyon!