December 12, 2014

Richard’s Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Gifts Under $15

Still searching for the perfect gift for your fave photog? Don’t worry; Richard has your back. Check out Richard’s 2014 holiday gift guide:


1) Lens Wrap
If you know a photog on the go, these lens wraps are an easy and light-weight way to protect the goods. Plus, they come in lots of pretty colors for a pop of personality.
Available at Freestyle Photographic Supplies


2) Camera iPhone Case
Now they can look like a pro even when they’re taking iPhone pics. 
Available at ModCloth


3) Aperture and Lens Wristbands
An everyday reminder that photography rocks! The stretchy bands will fit anyone, plus they come in a multipack, so they’re great for a photog duo!
Available on Amazon


4) 3x3 Softcover Books
Send some memories you can hold, designed from the heart by you!
Starting at only $10 each, these tiny keepsakes spread some serious holiday cheer.
Learn more about Richard’s Softcover Books!


5) Film
Who doesn’t love the gift of film? A totally functional gift, and quite a steal at under $10 a roll.
Available at Freestyle Photographic Supplies

6) Lens Necklace
For the fashionista photog, this glass pendant is a sophisticated way to show some photog pride!
Available on Etsy

7) Pinhole Camera Kit
This DIY gift comes with everything you need to build your very own functioning paper pinhole camera. Rad for the crafty photog or a young talent learning about photography and optics.
Available at Tiny Toy Arcade


8) Press Printed Cards
Sometimes the best holiday gifts are just about sharing the love. Personalize your holiday greetings with Richard’s folded press cards, as low as $1.08 each. Or, try using flat watercolor cards like miniature fine art prints!
Learn more about Richard’s Press Cards!


9) Film Canister Magnets
Real film canisters, recycled for use on your fridge! Plus, each set comes with unique brands, so you get a little surprise as the gift-giver.
Available at Photojojo


10) Photography Books
There are about a zillion different photography books on Amazon and tons of great ebooks out there, suiting everyone from novice to professional! Here’s just a few options to get you rolling:
- The Photo Book
- The Polaroid Book
- National Geographic: The Photographs
- Film: (Re)Discover the Magic


11) Lens Cleaning Kit
Here’s a gift for the gear-loving photog. Help ‘em keep their lenses in tip top shape with this nifty cleaning kit.
Available at Freestyle Photographic Supplies

12) Punny Photog T-Shirts
There’s a ton hilarious tees out there, but we love the IceCreamTees Etsy shop in particular for their awesome photog-themed designs… and price tags.
Available on Etsy

13) Popular Photography Magazine Subscription
The gift that keeps on giving all year long… not to mention a monthly reminder of your holiday generosity.
Available on Amazon


14) Lens Can Cozy
Keeps their drinks cool and keeps them looking cool. Because photogs are the coolest.
Available on Amazon

15) Pocket Reflector
Say goodbye to shadows without bulky gear. This pocket reflector is as small as a phone, so they’ll never have to leave home without it.
Available at Photojojo