January 24, 2014

Imaging USA 2014

Richard heard Imaging USA was in the Valley of the Sun in 2014 so he packed his bags and hit the road!

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

After Albany set up the booth (all by herself), Richard took this awesome photo of her, the booth, and part of the crew.

It was fun running into some of Richard’s friends.  Shout out to Catherine Guidry(@catherineguidry), Frank Salas (@franksalas), Scott Robert Lim (@scottrobertlim),  Tauran Woo (@tauranwoo), Garrett Nudd (@garrettnudd), Hannah Persson (@hpersson) and everyone else who stopped by the booth to show some love.

With the launch of framed prints, press printed books, press printed cards and mounting on ROES in 2013, it was nice to get a few samples in your hands!

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