May 18, 2017

Don’t Be Lazy! Building A Photography Business Workflow

Welcome back for another edition of “Don’t Be Lazy!”, your dose of tough love when it comes to your photography career…

This is the time of year when many photogs are gearing up for their busiest season, and chatter about “workflow” is everywhere. This camera, that culling process, this editing program, that file storage system… rinse and repeat. Of course, that’s all important stuff. But, while you’re meticulously planning every detail of your workflow in the context of the photographic experience, are you ignoring the sales experience?

Don’t be lazy! Workflow for a professional photography business is MORE than shooting and post-production—you need to have an organized strategy for executing all the tasks outside of your art that keep your business not only running, but thriving.

Why do you even need a pre-defined workflow? Well, the purpose of any workflow is to standardize and simplify your actions. To standardize means creating a consistent, reliable, and repeatable routine of activities. To simplify means first asking if an endeavor is even necessary, and then if it is, finding the most efficient way to do it.

So, maybe we should say don’t be lazy so that you can be lazy! When a workflow is running at its peak, then you don’t need to spend one minute more planning or doing something than is absolutely necessary. That means you actually get to have regularly scheduled free time alongside your regularly scheduled work.

Look at your workflow from the perspective of sales organization. After all, you are selling products & services! Any sales organization needs to think about how to standardize and simplify the following items:

What are you routinely doing to: actively acquire new leads, close the deal on prospective clients, generate post-shoot profit with print sales, etc. Is there an easier, more effective way of doing these things?

What are you routinely doing to: stay in contact with clients before the shoot, say thank you after the shoot, drop hints to book the next shoot, get clients to refer you to others, continue to network with vendors you met on a shoot, etc. Is there an easier, more effective way of doing these things?

What are you routinely doing to: create a unique & appealing brand, attract potential clients on social media, engage with potential customers online, be featured on industry blogs & social media, keep your portfolio fresh, etc. Is there an easier, more effective way of doing these things?

What are you routinely doing to: evaluate/adjust your pricing, accurately calculate your profit , cut extraneous expenses, budget for investments that grow your business, make sure you are following tax regulations and filing requirements, etc. Is there an easier, more effective way of doing these things?

What are you routinely doing to: fine-tune your skill sets, learn new shooting techniques, master new equipment, stay on top of industry trends, stay competitive in your market, etc. Is there an easier, more effective way of doing these things?

How exactly do you start building this new business-minded workflow? Well, it all starts with checklists and deadlines. List out everything you are already regularly doing for your business, and then fill in the gaps with all the other things you know you should or could be doing. Then, grab your calendar and start thinking time frames! Some items you’ll be able to add to each shoot; others will need live on their own weekly/monthly/yearly schedule.

Think you’re done streamlining your workflow? Not quite… part of your plan should be to routinely examine if your workflow is still working for you!



May 11, 2017

Richard’s Photographer Spotlight

The principles and elements of design work the same no matter what medium you're using. So, when Kayla Barker decided to leave her career in graphic design, it was a natural transition from creating beauty with a computer to creating beauty with a camera. Now, as an esteemed fine art wedding & portrait photographer, Kayla travels the world preserving stories of warm light and even warmer love.

Kayla's award-winning work has been published everywhere from Magnolia Rouge to Martha Stewart to Huffington Post, and it's earned her spots in The Knot Hall of Fame, Style Me Pretty’s Destination Little Black Book, and PDN’s TopKnots. She's also in her third year of hosting the Kayla Barker Workshop, providing an awesome opportunity for other photographers to immerse themselves in a fine-art atmosphere and grow professionally.

Today in Richard's Photog Spotlight, Kayla is sharing how "Facebook stalking" fits into her workflow, her optimistic spin on the not-so-ideal client, and how she uses her imagery to create multimedia art!

Richard: What first sparked your passion for photography?
Kayla Barker: I remember getting an Advantix APS film camera for Christmas one year when I was young, and I just loved taking photos and selecting the different image sizes for my pictures. Dropping off my film at the grocery store (yikes!) and picking up the prints was such a thrill for me! I loved taking photos of my family, friends, and life events; I would always order duplicate or triple prints so I could hand them out.

At 15, I bought my first SLR Canon 35mm camera and 50mm lens, which I shot for several years until consumer digital SLR cameras became available. I saved up and bought one of those first digital Canon SLR cameras and shot my first wedding with it 10 years ago!

R: Making the leap from photography as a personal passion to a paying gig is a big oneŠ... how did you decide to pursue it as a career?
KB: Because I had this love of photography and was always documenting events, my close friends started asking me to photograph them. Eventually, several of them asked me to shoot their weddings. I got married in 2008, when Style Me Pretty and wedding blogs were really young, and I just couldn’t stop looking at wedding photography. I had my degree in graphic design and had quit my corporate design job and was freelancing at the time. Adding in photography to my business seemed like a good idea, and it really took off fast! By 2013, I had transitioned into photography full time. 

R: When you aren't shooting for clients, what do you LOVE to photograph?
KB: I always love shooting women and creating conceptual shoots where I can try different cameras or shooting techniques. I also LOVE traveling and I shoot a lot when I travel to new places. A lot of my personal work I shoot with a series in mind that I can use in my encaustic wax artwork. 


R: How do you find a balance between being creatively fulfilled and being able to pay the bills?
KB: It is always a balance you have to work on. Not every client I get is my “ideal client,” but those jobs help me pay the bills. And that gives me time to work on my art and the personal projects that inspire me. I create encaustic wax art, which is an ancient form of painting and image preservation. I use this mixture of melted beeswax and tree resin to encapsulate my photos, add texture, and another dimension to them. There is something that is so satisfying to me about doing something hands-on with my photographs.

R: What is your favorite camera and why?
KB: I, of course, love shooting with the Contax 645 for my client work. For my personal work, I play more with my Polaroid land cameras, and I am pretty obsessed with my little plastic Holga. My husband, Clint, gets mad at me because I like to travel with and shoot way too many cameras, but I just love them all!


R: Why do you continue to shoot it as a pro?
KB: Like I mentioned earlier, shooting that point and shoot film camera when I was young was such a thrill for me and I still LOVE that moment when you get your scans back from your lab and you can see what you captured. Shooting film really helps me to focus more on what I am creating, what is going on around me, and pushes me to become better at my craft. And of course, the tones and depth of film are so addicting!

R: Why is it important to have continuous communication with your lab?
KB: Your lab is an extension of your brand and your imagery. They are helping you create your art, and it is so important to be working together towards the vision you have. They can also help you solve problems and offer advice. Richard Photo Lab has totally helped me become a stronger film photographer!



R: Do you have any pre-shoot rituals?
KB: I love to do as much researching on the client as I can (aka Facebook stalking), so I can connect and create better images for them. I also look at inspiration outside of the wedding photography world (art, fashion, music, etc). And, I totally listen to electronic dance music to get me pumped up! 

R: Let’s play a game of “Either/Or”! Savory or sweet?
KB: Sweet
R: Chocolate or vanilla?
KB: Chocolate 
R: Dogs or cats?
KB: Dogs (we have three rescue pups!)
R: Urban or rural?
KB: Urban
R: Modern or vintage?
KB: Modern
R: Breakfast or Dinner?
KB: Breakfast 
R: Warm weather or cold weather?
KB: Warm
R: Early bird or night owl?
KB: Night owl 
R: Crossword or Sudoku?
KB: Sudoku
R: Batman or Superman?
KB: Batman 
R: Truth or dare?
KB: Truth 


R: If you weren't a photographer, what would you be when you grow up?
KB: I can’t imagine not ever being a photographer, but being an artist or painter and creating personal work full time would be amazing. If I could sing better, I would totally love to sing and dance! 

R: If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?
KB: Stopping time so I can have more of it!

R:What is your favorite word, and why?
KB: "Ya’ll," because I am from Texas!



May 09, 2017

Meet Your New Workspace with Pic-Time & Richard


Awesome news, pro photographers! Now you can harness the power of Pic-Time’s robust workspace and get boutique-quality, custom print products from Richard fulfilled through your online store.

We’re beyond excited about this new partnership, because you’re more than just a photographer, and this purpose-built technology has every side of your photography business in mind…


For the business owner in you, polished content galleries and a beautiful online store promotes sales. Meanwhile, your clients get a curated experience and the ability to share images on social media directly from their gallery.

For the marketer in you, there are awesome tools to build your brand (like customizable promo codes and email campaigns), and smart analytics to tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

And of course, for the print coordinator in you, powerful proofing & ordering tools make it easy to get fine art prints and photographic prints (with more products to come!) from Richard in the hands of your clients.

Start your free account now! Already a Pic-Time user? Then you already have access to Richard's products, hooray!